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to play new tricks 1 Xu Haofeng is a martial arts film upstart,
master than the Pirates pretty much.
Hardcore action is a lever of goods,
so no one ever,
have to admit,
the new style is cocoon.
But Xu Wulin hand is relatively low,
all martial arts master,
so the chicken thief,
a lifetime in the entanglement transfer or not,
this martial too appearing nervous in public.
Kitchen lion sister think,
martial arts martial arts thing,
also exist in 20 years,
so that only the martial arts novels and movies.
The masters in master do not like to teach their disciples,
but they also enjoy watching swordsmen movies.
Master's wisdom should lie in: pass,
but also teach students in accordance with their aptitude,
pass out,
spread widely.
Since ancient times,
regardless of industry.
Whether the teache