Let Zhou Hongyi both dumbfounding, 90 financing hundreds of millions of new favorite VR

lick on the top of the blue [Antarctic] view content - lead: Insta360 in the hot field of VR break one day,
become the flagship product of NPC and CPPCC on mainstream media coverage of this equipment,
the unicorn founder is a recent college graduate.
Just in the middle of April,
the panorama camera manufacturer Insta360 announced by thunder network lead,
venture capital,
peak Swiss capital,
IDG capital and so on,
with a total of several hundred million yuan of B round of financing.
Insta360 under the Shenzhen LAN Feng createvision Network Technology Co.
was founded in 2014,
founded by Liu Jingkang and his team focused on developing panoramic imaging technology,
with 360 degree panoramic camera Insta360 as the core products,
the formation of multiple product lines for governme