[Kyrgyzstan headlines] Tianjin steel loan extension of 200 billion, creditors with national trust as miserable

ote: the National Trust for Tianjin iron and steel group loan capital trust plan (hereinafter referred to as the national trust company plan) deferred payment,
financial institutions have become bogged down in the Bohai Steel Group billion debt quagmire a microcosm.
At the beginning of this year,
the National Trust in a class of second plan period third investors were told that in January 29,
2016 and February 10th should expire liquidation products because of financing,
Tianjin iron and steel group funds unified scheduling reasons,
an application for the extension of the liquidation period not exceeding 3 months.
And Bella Exchange Trust Securities Times reporter was informed that the day before investors were told again,
so far still did not receive financing repayment 250 mill