How to overcome procrastination - learn to be friends with time

ds with time: how I overcome procrastination Ogawa uncle don't know from what time,
the rise of a popular word,
called procrastination.
Even if you don't use Baidu,
you might guess that procrastination is something that you don't like doing,
and you can pull it off for a day.
It is said that this disease is common in all people.
It can be contagious.
It can easily heal and easily relapse.
Some time ago I suffered from procrastination,
it is my experience,
how to overcome procrastination,
self heal! There is a saying in China: lie down while you sit.
It is obvious that there is inertia in the human heart.
ease and pleasure it is human nature.
Some time ago,
the company organized a trip abroad,
and as soon as the news was released,
I couldn't sit at once.
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