[vegetarian health] men and women have to eat these kinds of blood King wonders

e have wrong ideas,
think only Chicai do not eat meat will anemia,
in fact,
a lot of plant food,
not only contains iron,
carotene and other nutrients,
and are easy to digest,
very suitable as blood ingredients! Vegetarian friends as long as proper collocation,
in fact,
do not worry too much about the problems of anemia.
The following will introduce several common blood food: Pumpkin - a blood of the Qing Dynasty was famous doctor Chen Xiuyuan praised as blood pumpkin is rich in vegetable protein,
essential amino acids,
phosphorus and so on,
which is one of the important components of vitamin cobalt B12,
can help blood red blood cells of normal operation; zinc will directly affect the function of mature red blood cells; iron is essential