Unfortunately, this talented Peking University not evil brother didn't hear the speech

e 1109th share of WeChat,
a junior business school,
under the headline junior business school.
The author of the text is the new media section of the junior business school.
Do not be evil (not evil) - for some companies is the bottom line,
but for some companies,
it is the ceiling.
These days,
young Wei Zexi the death on the Internet a ripple,
search rankings,
Putian medical department,
regulatory loopholes for the people once again hot,
there are problems that people find Wei Zexi had answered in the know of what you think is the greatest evil human nature? More people on Baidu evil behavior was once again: Do not be evil and Google Corporation values,
nor is it really so hard? We think of a man named Liu Yuanyuan 90 North prodigy,
before participating in a television program a