It is more economical than Nepal more than Chiang Mai dispute miss is eternal

in Angkor,
the Buddha's smile is from the lingering suffering of the world,
the distillation of the humble,
the most quiet beauty.
Jiang Xun,
the beauty of Angkor,
where you must go,
if you can't think of a smile,
go to Angkor Wat,
because there's no reason to refuse a smile.
If you have so many secrets in your heart,
go to Angkor Wat.
Bury the secret in the tree hole.
It will help you bury your memory.
If you no longer love the other half of you,
send her to Angkor Wat.
Because it's so beautiful,
she never wants to come back.
If you're tired of the fog and the city,
go to Angkor Wat,
where there's fresh air and bright sunshine.
If you don't feel the shock of the mysterious history,
go to Angkor Wat,
because this millennium masterpiece one day will not wash longer time.