Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I am not smiling, I was doing the mouth corner to rise, this stem you must know

s want to become like the baby beauty baby can be adjusted so that I think people can not be a good foundation! Born with mixed blood! Can't the blood make up? But there are still many people diligently to his original face knife.
And not only once,
two times.
The knife nearly twenty times.
So after surgery confident friends said: You blame me? We increased the broken leg to see her mother in the table you cry,
the host asked her not a bit sad,
then she said: we complete this video so it is understood that the sister paper called on ice.
In fact,
she is very nice.
Now the whole which do not normal with a murderous look.
she said,
I thought I was the most beautiful one in the world at that time.
Now I think I'm the most beautiful person in the whole universe.
! Excuse me,