[finance breakfast] 201654 Wednesday (English Edition)

Chinese Caixin manufacturing PMI 49.
14 consecutive months below the line ups and downs,
the previous value of 49.
The new financial review said,
manufacturing PMI all items were to decline,
the output index returned to the horizontal line ups and downs,
concussion trend.
In general,
the current economic recovery Chinese is not strong,
the economy is still in the bottom again,
the government should pay more attention to the downside risks to the economy.
In April,
China Caixin manufacturing PMI was lower than the critical 49.
value for 14 consecutive months,
and the former value was 49.
Caixin commented that all the sub-items of the manufacturing PMI declined.
Among them,
the output index returned to the critical value again,
and experienced fluctuations.
In general,
the current ba