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recast from 4 to 5,
southern Tibet,
Eastern Heilongjiang,
Eastern Jilin,
Yunnan Guizhou region,
Jianghan southern,
Jianghuai southwest,
Southern China and other places,
small to moderate rain.
Among them,
the northwest of Southern China,
northern South China and other places will have a moderate heavy rain,
local heavy rain process.
Xinjiang South Xinjiang basin,
Western Inner Mongolia and other parts of the country has blowing sand or dust weather.
The key is Youth Day daily in May 4th,
from 1919 Chinese anti imperialist patriotic the May 4th Movement,
this is a completely against imperialism and feudalism patriotic movement,
is also the beginning of the new democratic revolution China.
In 1939,
the northwest Gansu Ningxia border region northwest youth salvation Federation sti