Students of the party's make-up code, choose inexpensive cosmetics products

a lot into the makeup of student party pit baby certainly accustomed to eat the earth day,
Xiao Bian also,
every month not to mention the basic food and clothing line,
light is to frequently bleeding in the make-up.
Compassionate to this public feeling,
Xiao Bian will recommend to you those good,
inexpensive make-up products,
for you to send a price below 250 yuan of cheap and fine make-up collection! The most popular makeup Department pseudo makeup beauty,
and the effect of high quality and inexpensive makeup is also very hot.
(from upper left to lower right) 1.
Skinfood honey cushion foundation /190 living Yan Yuan [can create moist,
bright zero defect] 2.
innisfree oil mineral powder makeup /50 yuan [to create clear skin delicate matte,
effective control of the oil site] 3.