[Meng pet] when the holidays met early in the morning to do the decoration

holiday is the spring ~ facing the sea,
the reality is.
More cruel reality is,
the next 6 points in the decoration ~ began to tell myself,
that's not really must be dreaming of,
must be dreaming when asleep drowsily heard the noise at the door when the first electric drill pretending to be sounded,
continue to sleep,
to sleep when the drill again sounded good helpless,
continue to sleep when the drill again sounded again when your heart is Jiangzi ~ really don't push me,
you enough I went crazy,
even their own if ~ can't sleep,
up to brush my circle of friends in the bar drying out photos,
the heart is very tired or with a headset to sleep less routine,
less damage,
less holidays.
Repair decoration workers very hard,
give them a vacation.
This is the right way to spe