[hot spot] British Royal stuffed bun face powerful combination, little princess, beauty of the year

ome on!!! The reincarnation of the British Princess Sherlock 'birthday! Remember when the little princess was born last year? A whole London is lit with pink,
in a twinkling,
a year,
time is really fast.
There is no doubt that the whole day celebration drop British media in the British are boiling the little princess wearing a pink skirt,
wearing a pink paper also drops the original small hairpin originally,
the fairy tale Little Pink drops chose is really exist.
But this malicious stabbed small plait,
this has no princess life ordinary little girl.
Netizens have copy paste not calm this clearly is Prince George's version of CtrlC+CtrlV! In addition as Kate and Prince William 'daughter,
Princess of the Royal review moment gas field full of small bow and small paper skirt is beautifu