12 constellation virgin baby is disagreeable index hanging open now

ex: 30% don't think Aries is white,
not the interpersonal relationship seriously.
Although he is a real headache,
but the atmosphere cause forthright personality,
or people can not help but to befriend him.
And good humor,
and how to be love! Everyone wants one more friend,
one less enemy,
impulse is not used in interpersonal relationship.
Taurus: the biggest disadvantage of the 60% index.
Taurus is,
and when people too do not understand how to politely refuse to others some unreasonable requirements,
and they do not want to sign,
outspoken refused to accept other people's unreasonable demands,
and go to some unreasonable request,
so to others,
can not disagreeable? Gemini.
Index: 45% most of the time,
Gemini in the eyes of everyone is still relatively good ima