[Kyrgyzstan headlines] Tianjin steel loan extension of 200 billion, creditors with national trust as miserable

ote: the National Trust for Tianjin iron and steel group loan capital trust plan (hereinafter referred to as the national trust company plan) deferred payment,
financial institutions have become bogged down in the Bohai Steel Group billion debt quagmire a microcosm.
At the beginning of this year,
the National Trust in a class of second plan period third investors were told that in January 29,
2016 and February 10th should expire liquidation products because of financing,
Tianjin iron and steel group funds unified scheduling reasons,
an application for the extension of the liquidation period not exceeding 3 months.
And Bella Exchange Trust Securities Times reporter was informed that the day before investors were told again,
so far still did not receive financing repayment 250 mill

Let Zhou Hongyi both dumbfounding, 90 financing hundreds of millions of new favorite VR

lick on the top of the blue [Antarctic] view content - lead: Insta360 in the hot field of VR break one day,
become the flagship product of NPC and CPPCC on mainstream media coverage of this equipment,
the unicorn founder is a recent college graduate.
Just in the middle of April,
the panorama camera manufacturer Insta360 announced by thunder network lead,
venture capital,
peak Swiss capital,
IDG capital and so on,
with a total of several hundred million yuan of B round of financing.
Insta360 under the Shenzhen LAN Feng createvision Network Technology Co.
was founded in 2014,
founded by Liu Jingkang and his team focused on developing panoramic imaging technology,
with 360 degree panoramic camera Insta360 as the core products,
the formation of multiple product lines for governme

180 days free screenwriter training and actual combat plan, 10 places waiting for you to come

u briefly before you officially introduce this 180 day spiritual practice,
the Hollywood + star gravity screenwriters program.
This is one of the best times of dazzling box office growth rate,
make the film industry has become one of the most remarkable industry in the past 5 years; but the rapid growth is not equal to the height of the professional,
industry development foundation is working talent,
talent is the core of professional writers.
This is the motivation we are determined to devote to the screenwriter training today.
A line of separation,
but the world of fiction and play,
creative core line of separation,
creative skills are worlds apart.
The author of the novel has a unique advantage over the author of the play,
and also has to face the difference.
That's why we're looking at

How to overcome procrastination - learn to be friends with time

ds with time: how I overcome procrastination Ogawa uncle don't know from what time,
the rise of a popular word,
called procrastination.
Even if you don't use Baidu,
you might guess that procrastination is something that you don't like doing,
and you can pull it off for a day.
It is said that this disease is common in all people.
It can be contagious.
It can easily heal and easily relapse.
Some time ago I suffered from procrastination,
it is my experience,
how to overcome procrastination,
self heal! There is a saying in China: lie down while you sit.
It is obvious that there is inertia in the human heart.
ease and pleasure it is human nature.
Some time ago,
the company organized a trip abroad,
and as soon as the news was released,
I couldn't sit at once.
In the hands of magazine s

The focus in three years of Bayern melon's continuous in the Champions League semi-final defeat in La Liga

und total score 2-2,
Bayern Munich because away goals disadvantage missed the Champions League final,
Guardiola coached Bayern Munich after three seasons in a row to stop the semi-finals of the Champions League,
Munich defeated Bayern are three La Liga Real Madrid,
Barcelona and atletico.
The home game against Ma Jing is Guardiola's last Champions League game in Bayern,
and he will coach Manchester City next season.
The 1 2013-14 Champions League semi-final first leg Bayern Real Madrid 1-0 Benzema shot 2 2013-14 Champions League semi-final second leg of Bayern 0-4 Real Madrid Ramos header header Ramos plum to open two degrees C Ronaldo tuishe C Ronaldo penalty kicks the free kick 3 2014-15 Champions League first round first leg Barcelona 3-0 Bayern Messi outside the area left foot

The chef for only one banquet pastry master Macarons China

to play new tricks 1 Xu Haofeng is a martial arts film upstart,
master than the Pirates pretty much.
Hardcore action is a lever of goods,
so no one ever,
have to admit,
the new style is cocoon.
But Xu Wulin hand is relatively low,
all martial arts master,
so the chicken thief,
a lifetime in the entanglement transfer or not,
this martial too appearing nervous in public.
Kitchen lion sister think,
martial arts martial arts thing,
also exist in 20 years,
so that only the martial arts novels and movies.
The masters in master do not like to teach their disciples,
but they also enjoy watching swordsmen movies.
Master's wisdom should lie in: pass,
but also teach students in accordance with their aptitude,
pass out,
spread widely.
Since ancient times,
regardless of industry.
Whether the teache

[vegetarian health] men and women have to eat these kinds of blood King wonders

e have wrong ideas,
think only Chicai do not eat meat will anemia,
in fact,
a lot of plant food,
not only contains iron,
carotene and other nutrients,
and are easy to digest,
very suitable as blood ingredients! Vegetarian friends as long as proper collocation,
in fact,
do not worry too much about the problems of anemia.
The following will introduce several common blood food: Pumpkin - a blood of the Qing Dynasty was famous doctor Chen Xiuyuan praised as blood pumpkin is rich in vegetable protein,
essential amino acids,
phosphorus and so on,
which is one of the important components of vitamin cobalt B12,
can help blood red blood cells of normal operation; zinc will directly affect the function of mature red blood cells; iron is essential